1. 100 mg thc in a 1 litre bottle of wine would be good so you only get 25 mg thc per cup so even a lightweight can handle a cup or a stoner or high tolerance type can have a full bottle over the night. I think 100mg thc and 100 cbd would be great!

  2. If you ask me, mixing weed with alcohol doesn't create much of a change. If anything the alcohol is stronger and cancels the THC out, or at least that's how it is for me.

  3. I have been making infused wines for 15 years and these guys need to do a little more research on what they are talking about. Yes at first when I started making them it yes let’s get fucked up but then about two years into making them I had a good friend who was going through chemo and he was having a hard time eating sleeping you name it he felt like he was about to die, and he caught wind of me making these wines point being he could enjoy a glass or two and this inturn inhanced his pallet to eat and have a good nights sleep. Second he wasn’t the only person I meet along the way battling cancer that would enjoy my wines later on. I could see it was being used as a benifit and medicinal use . And these are the cbd wines with very small amounts of thc. Granted I have made the other ones too and we all have that friend that throws one to many drinks back and loses his shit getting wasted well before he could get to that point one evening I gave him some to try and oh my was he a different person mellow calm and back to his old comedy ways when he first started drinking , needless to say everyone has some kind of addiction weather pills alcohols ect, everything in moderation.

  4. I believe in making pot legal, but don't mix with alcohol, be careful with your prescriptions, and don't use pot and use it and drive. The problem with pot right now is drug dealers are adding unknown ingredients.

  5. For being some doctors you are not all that bright , when fermented with wine it's more the cbd level of course you can make it stronger but it does not kick you on your ass like edibles. I've been making it for 15 plus years and really the only reasone I keep on making it is because of friends and family going through cancer and chemo and a glass or two can really give you a good nights sleep I can keep going on about this but it would turn into a novel . Oh ps the hard alcohol and pot idea already been being made for years .

  6. funny it was legal long time ago. history and snake oil sellers, I believe it was called marivin i think., just like you could buy cocaine teething drops. it was OTC. this was around 1900 or so.

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