1. plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Why will this take so long? Thanks to the repressive policies created and enforced by idiots like these people, there is not that much hard scientific evidence for them to review and much it would be over the heads of many of these panel members in any event.

    If they are so deeply concerned about children getting hold of cannabis should they not take immediate action to remedy that? Feeling the pressure from the LP's huh? – shame

  2. This is not what we voted for . This is " Not Merely Legalization" but Government controlled distribution. What has Bill Blair been doing the past 6 months?? We are going backwards. Not one person from the 420 dispensary community has been included in this task force.
    More Prohibitionist's trying to deal with something they know so little about. The arguments are ridiculous, alcohol has a much more severe fallout on society and funny how all these people are conditioned to never give it a second thought. I will never buy my pot from the government LP's. I want Cannabis grown by Canadians for Canadians. The crap that they come up with to defer any rational kind of decision is pitiful. More money spent on more study groups, aaaahhh the Liberal way.

  3. cutting out organized crime. LMFAO! They just made it WAY BETTER FOR ORGANIZED CRIME! All this is; is Canada becoming the drug dealer with the police force to take out all the competition.

  4. Its clear as day they are handing the whole system over to the multi-million dollar LPs and the police to be their hired thugs to crush their competition, its looking like the fight for real legalization will continue for years to come.

  5. It seems to me the people in this "force" are the people that have caused most of the problems in this country, except maybe the prof they said studied weed in the past. They need to read the studies the government has hidden from people for 40 years and reach out to countries that have studied weed for 100's of years (that is a real number) to really find the truth.

    We must keep marijuana out of the governments hands and the hands of people who will add shit to it to make higher profit.

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