1. I’m 18 and I have chest pain that I think is from my sternum but I had two appointments and the doctors just called it a muscle strain but I had the pain for over a year now. It cracks as if you where cracking your back would cannabis help out ?

  2. I'm 16 and deal with insomnia and anxiety. I also deal with pretty bad back pain every once in awhile. Do you believe it would be possible for me to get a card?

  3. I’m 19, have a California MMJ recommendation, and am visiting there this month. Will I be able to online order from dispensaries or get in even though I only have an out of state ID? Do you know of any in the Anaheim area that allow out of state IDs?

  4. Does marijuana help with joint pain? Cuz sometimes when I sit or lay in a certain position for a extended amount of time and then move my joints will pop and cause a bit of pain

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