1. this is like child abuse those plants need to be taken away from him and put in a good home.lol i hate seing ppl who dont know how to take care of their plants. do your research before you just grow its only gonna be better for you.

  2. What a fkn joke dude. Delete this crap video. If I want to hear someone speak I'll talk to myself. Why would you even upload this video if you didn't even do what you titled it?

  3. Im all for pushing nutrient levels, but I only do that when I am growing one specific strain on multiple back to back runs (trying to guage its limits). I definately think this could have been a better vid had you put out some actual solid info. In my experience, Ive found that spraying the leaves does not provide any advantages over feeding the roots. It also can help lead to powdery mildew, but not necessarily always. My main objection to this video, is that a newb will see this video, and attempt this w/out even having as much as a demonstration from your video.

    The ONLY TIME I ever spray my leaves are when there are pests present, and then its just 3 parts water and 1 part isopropyl, or some other more aggressive bug spray. Most of the time, lady bugs are an even better (organic) choice.

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