1. You're 4 years into the 10 years later, good luck, I like your theorists attitude.🙌👏👏👏💥🔥LEGAL HERE IN MAINE & MASSACHUSETTS 😎👍🔥A drug is a drug… is a drug …. Everything in moderation 🙄my Grandmother would always say 😋 and then drink her whiskey 😆💞

  2. only reason i don't smoke is because i don't wanna affect my lungs since I sing and do cardio and some combat sports. but if i didn't care about that, i'd smoke weeeeeeeeed

    puff puff give! puff puff give! you fuckin up the rotation!

  3. The one time i smoked weed it gave me a very plesurable buzz and made me more cheerfull
    The first cigarette of the Day always makes me feel uncomfortable for a good 2 min
    Case closed weed is better. gonna quit smoking cigarettes and start smoking weed

  4. Tobacco is bad , Weed is good my brother is weed smoker and i smoke cigs
    I always saw him lowly for smoking weed and he always told me cigs are bad than weed
    Now i have quit smoking after knowing cigs have "Recon" Tobacco which is an artificial tobacco where as weed is all natural herbs.
    I am not supporting weed smoking but one must smoke cigs they are bad way way bad

  5. I'm curious how people feel, comparing the effects of Tobacco and Marijuana on their bodies.   What they actually feel.  I don't smoke.   So, if you smoke both, or have smoked both, tell us how they affect you, comparing the two.

  6. if you smoke 20 joints/blunts you will be fine. Try drinking 20 shots. Exactly more that 80k people have died from alcohol mean while nobody has died from alcohol

  7. I'll smoke cigars when I'm around people and I smoke weed when I wanna chill at home. I do both of these once a week maybe twice.
    you shouldn't have to worry if you're responsible

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