1. I've watched your main channel ASAP Science for years and this channel for a long time and never knew you two did weed. No judgement against you. I just find that interesting. Weed is completely illegal where I live. You can go to prison for it and I think that needs to change. Weed shouldn't be illegal when much worse things like cigarettes which kill people are legal. At least we have e cigs now which is a much safer option for those of us who want to use nicotine like me. I enjoy vaping my e cig but I will never smoke cigarettes or as I call them death sticks.

  2. weed addiction is an absolute bitch. Withdrawal s very real after chronic use for so long. I couldnt eat of sleep for a whole week. Sweats, anxiety, depression. its fucked.

  3. Despite the fact that the very first time I got stoned was in mid 2019, at age 32, I don't think I've had a fully sober day since February. 😅

    Granted, there's definitely a "perfect storm" aspect to my cannabis use…

    I have bad psoriatic arthritis. My wife and I moved from Texas to Washington State in December of 2019. My new doctors here recommended it to lower my opiate needs. Then, pandemic. Which is a scenario I've been terrified of since my mid teens, exacerbated by the fact that my wife and I are immune suppressed with major risk factor co-morbidities. So I had to quit working, and we've basically spent 10 months broke af, trapped in the 300 ft^2 (almost 28 m^2) RV we live in.

    So yeah. THC = watch youtube for 12 hours without hurting too much, instead of curling up in pain during a mental breakdown. Especially bc I'm 2/3 of the way through a biochem degree AND I'm an avid gardener and baker. Grow weed -> extract cannabinoids with everclear -> distill extraction -> make epic pot cookies -> stay sane AND keep up with my hobbies AND maintain my lab skills until I can safely transfer to a university here! With the side benefit of having a bunch of 95% ethanol around during a pandemic. Apparently, when hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes were straight up GONE in every store both online and off, I was one of the only people who thought to check liquor stores and then pop a spray nozzle on a bottle of 190 proof grain alcohol, bc there has NEVER been a hint of an everclear shortage on store shelves. 😂

  4. i started smoking weed when i was fifteen, first few times were like weeks in-between but i started smoking almost every day (but never on my own so if i didnt meet up with friends i wouldn't smoke) and some days id be like dude im so bored of smoking weed i'm just not gonna smoke today and then by the end of the night i'd be asking who wants to share a bag. but i smoked every day without even worrying about the side effects because the stuff we were told in school was so unrealistic and extreme and uncommon and all long term side effects but that was never clarified, and we were never told about the more short term side effects. so when i just felt good every time i thought all that shit was bullshit and i smoked every day, it helped a lot with depression at first but then made anxiety a lot worse
    then when i was seventeen i smoked weed on the comedown of my first ever shroom trip and i had a panic attack and i thought i wasn't breathing even though i was hyperventilating and i couldnt feel my body. eventually calmed down and stayed at my friends but after that the panic attacks would be every time i smoked but i learned to just breathe through it and relax because i knew what was happening but it wasn't really the same after that. it took me a long time to quit because all my friends were stoners and i actually stopped buying weed months and months before i properly quit and a few of the worst times i had it i seemed to like completely lose control of my inner speech and it was really scary and negative and almost like hearing voices but i'm not quite sure. some people in my family have schizophrenia and i've seen how hard it can be so then i really knew that i had to stop because that was really scary and other times i just felt so anxious and self conscious no matter what. so i quit smoking when i was eighteen/nineteen and didn't smoke at all for like two years or something, even being like in second hand smoke made me feel anxious as fuck i dont know if that was purely psychological or because i was actually getting high from the fumes
    i didn't really notice any side effects when i properly quit because i was drinking a lot and taking other drugs so i was never sober long enough to realise. at that age being sober was like a novelty i could see the world so clearly i was like this is weird as fuck lol
    nowadays i might have a few tokes at parties or whatever if i'm drinking but it's very rare that i would choose to smoke if i was sober. i kind of miss it but i think i miss more the social aspect of like hanging out and smoking and having a laugh than actually being high because i can't really remember what it feels like to enjoy that lol
    this video was really interesting you guys are so funny and so lovely. binged all your vids on asapscience a bit ago coz ive been watching more and more youtube vids the longer lockdown goes on, and now i've got all these to watch !

  5. Me and my friends started smoking weed at 14. Some went down the crackhead road. Some made it like me very successfully. But most had trouble. Brain development is really an issue. Being unmotivated permanently, getting anxiety or psychotic issues. That's something that talked about way too little. It's always just a side note (lol). The fun part of weed is over exaggerated.

  6. Thanks guys for making my job bearable 💕 (I'm stuck in a call centre job working from home – I'll pretend that's covid's fault not my anxiety lmao) I love when you upload cos it gives me something to engage my brain during downtime at work. I'm sure others will agree that you two always offer interesting insight into subjects that you can't always comfortably discuss with others. I truly hope that more people discover your podcasts, I will be sharing them with everyone 💗

  7. Story time – I'm recovered addict of many a type of drug (Clean 10 years in October this year). I was highly dependent and a heavy user of the old MariJ. It was the last drug I came off and I can personally say yes there is withdrawal symptoms (Nowhere as harsh as most other chemicals) but the hardest thing about coming of it was how very available it was even here in Tasmania Australia where it is illegal. It took me a good couple years to not have any want for it and could be around other users. I think it’s a perfectly fine substance and have no problems with it BUT I'd advise against using it if you have addictive behavior or other psychological issues (I’m schizoaffective, so that didn’t help.)

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