1. Mr. Trump is a terrible personality, rather rude. Disrespectful to everyone, especially the press. He doesn't know what diplomacy is
    He said a lot of things contrary to each other, far from reality or from the truth.
    He did not pay taxes when every citizen has to pay. He denies all the dangers of climate change and never cares about the environment or ecology.
    He failed in the COVID pandemic, and in his relationship with North Korea … etc and etc …
    His election was mysterious thanks to Russia
    Many of his friends are in prison, do you know why? Look for the reason in court documents.
    His privacy is no model for our younger generations, you can guess. He comes to amnesty these days many criminals who worked for him. It is really shameful! It is revolting for all men who respect justice! He has just committed the most serious crime against National Security by inciting insurgency, sabotage of Democracy causing deaths. It has lost the reputation of the USA in the world ….
    Yes, you can worship Mr Trump if you want, it's your right. But please explain to your children what I am writing to you today.

  2. Hello,
    In the face of the dramatic and shameful events of today, America must immediately end the office of D. Trump, who is entirely responsible for it.
    In a Democracy, one must accept the result of the elections. Let us be reasonable, intelligent and courageous enough to certify this verdict of the people, even if this verdict only obtained one more ballot. this is the rule of universal suffrage.

  3. I work at a medical dispensary in Florida. I see patients of mine heal from their nasty opioid addictions in a matter of months. It is a the cure to the opioid addiction epidemic imo … just legalize it already

  4. George is free now because 2 New elected senators made are going to make changes for us !! that means people will be free from jail they will be released soon and marijuana will be legal now in Georgia and legalized smoke weed every day oh And I’m going to get my stimulus money that’s everybody today was a good day and also a bad day because we had a bunch of hoodlums out their terrorist

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