1. Day two of no smoking after a month of going super hard.

    Horribly depressive thoughts, low to no energy and creativity, headache, insomnia that made me stay up until maybe 3am ( opposed to 10- 11pm ).

    The fact that marijuana withdrawl even EXISTS is important to know. I JUST learned about it after 5 years of smoking on and off rather heavily.

    Be careful guys

  2. I’m fortunate that I’m able to put down marijuana periodically for “T-Breaks” without too much fuss, but the worst part of the breaks are always the night sweats. I’ll also crave other stimulants like nicotine (rare occasion vape user) or caffeine. I also sometimes get very irritable. I certainly feel the effects of the withdrawals. Water, Exercise, and any form of focus (Work, School, Video Games) help tremendously for me!

  3. yo all know oil cartridge right
    I pay 60$ for 1gramm
    then i would smoke it in 3 days
    it has been 3 years
    since ive been high every minute
    I wouldnt say i smoke to get hight
    I came to point I would just smoke to relax
    now im trying to quite
    im sweating
    im angry and aggressive
    im having nighmares every night
    im having fewer
    stomack ache
    it has been 10 days
    i still have symptoms
    dont do this shit

  4. Thank you . You have just helped me so much I'm on day 4 and its insane. I didn't know what was happening to me so I searched withdrawals on YouTube and this popped up. You really are a life saver. Thanks for giving me hope that it does get better .

  5. Most people who dont believe in the withdrawal stage, most likely dont use to much of it, and if they DO use cannabis quite a bit, they've most likely never experienced withdrawal due to never engaging in the process of stopping. The symptoms are very real, and they are very scary.

  6. Okay , everybody's talking about their withdrawal symptoms and experiences and they are pretty common. Then they say it will go away after few weeks or days. Can someone please guide how to handle those days. Is there any proper way to handle the withdrawal symptoms. Any medication to help my mind relax naturally. I am doing my best, being positive, reading lot of inspirational books , doing some exercise also. But still not able to sleep at night at all.😭

  7. Ive smoked weed everyday since I was like 13. I moved on to dabs like 6 years ago. I'm 25 now. I occasionally have the short term memory loss but its rare that I forget what I'm saying, and I know people who are sober who experience worse short term memory loss. Now I have thought about cutting down or quitting but I really enjoy it and don't think its actually bad for people as long as they are productive on it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Horrific dreams about being trapped and buried under piles of useless stuff, followed by vivid dreams about people I haven't seen in years, followed by dreams about smoking again, all covered in a cold, horrifying sheen of sweat. 3 weeks down and finally it is easing. Been a heavy user for 25 years. I must say the withdrawal is all worth it. I feel motivated, alert and horny again haha, which I haven't felt in years! Good luck everyone who is starting the process.

  9. I have all the withdrawal symtoms he had (sweating a lot was a bad one for me) but the biggest problem to me is how my sexdrive goes away for a long time (months).

  10. I just woke up on my 3rd nightmare in 1 hour all from marijuana.. the nightmares are so so so so so intense and scary not too mention very vividly…woke up 3 times already and I told my nightmares to fuck off and let me sleep..I'm not scared but I wanna sleep…need to work 😫 but here I am on YouTube im about to go back to sleep…pray for me guys

    This message is for chronic marijuana smokers who smoke 4 to 5 joints day be prepared if you plan on quitting or just taking a break but let me tell you its not fun these nightmares are from hell…there fucking scary so if you don't want to experience this things don't smoke or do drugs and you will be ok anyways much love to everyone and good luck i hope I dont get a 4th nightmare…..

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