1. @LoveVibez imo you could grow with 1 42ish Actual W (specific or mixed spec for veg and flower) and 1 other CFL… one to compliment your other spectrum, as I read I see mixed is best. Couple those 2 with heat lamps and the proper techniques for growing and a loving eye…you could easily grow 1 or 2 micro plants like my size or smaller. Inb4 ya if you want shit smoke…nay … my first grow gave me great results….fackin great man.

  2. Actual watts. I'm thinking probably between 100 to 150. I say between b/c my CFLS break or stop working randomly b/c they are made cheaply… profiteering on purposely making shit. society for you….. I would say you are a ok. Keep in mind I have heat lamps that are "great reflectors" and I check on my ladies often and adjust my lights. Some could digress, but I keep my lights within 2 inches and they love that shit. Works for now till I upgrade.

  3. Do you know how many actual watts? I'm currently flowering under 139 (actual) watts, one 55 watt and two 42 watt CFLs.. I like to look for people growing with similar equipment.. Let me know..

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