1. Did you know that there are cannabinoids in mothers milk? Even though she has not been exposed to cannabis. Did you know that cannabis is the only plant on Gods Earth that is FULLY compatible with mankind, did you know that 1 seed could not only heal you, feed you and clothe you, for all your life and not a penny has exchanged hands. Did you know that Henry Ford made a car from hemp and ran it on hemp oil, also the car was stronger than steel yet lighter. Don't you know Great Britain owes its Empire status to Gods hemp family, as well as the USA and other countries. There is so much evil in the world that even good people are being caught up in the masquerading deception. The thing is knowledge about life and how would you do things if you were a god?. Man created test tubes God created the spark and that's what scientists CANT DO, doing things Gods way can only make the people stronger Obey his commandments live off the food he has provided and the natural medicines that are all around us, manufactured, synthesised, processed foods can contain trace elements of toxic chemicals which as we consume could cause health problems in the future. Gods way, NO WAY. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  2. What do you think of pregnant mothers who eat coal, wood, dirt, soot and a host of other things, they are looking for the missing essential nutrients for forming new life, exactly the same thing when anybody gets the MUNCHIES. Try eating some weed and see if it stops. Having munchies may mean you are lacking essential vitamins which helps to keep the body in homeostasis, for persistent munchies DO NOT SEE A DOCTOR. Instead seek the advice from a Nutritionist who should be able to test to see what FOODS YOU SHOULD EAT OR AVOID . GOD bless you all and to him give thanks, he is the light, love, and spirit of all mankind. Seek out those that can heal you and not enslave in their world of deception for their salaries, bonuses, dividends, share prices and profits. God made mankind he provided food for them to eat, and natural herbs to nourish our souls and spirit, whilst keeping our bodies in a natural homeostasis

  3. Wow nice video
    Am but a stoner and a business man I have been using my products since 5yrs back and have never had any complications again I really believe in the healing power of that plant..if interested just hit me up for your order I do ship all over ..
    Just Wickr me if interested ID mackwills23….420🍀🍀🔌🔌⛽⛽🚒🚒💯

  4. Ps look up "syndrome" means that THEY DO NOT HAVE A CLUE.. Also check out what is a high? When I did it says being in a "euphoric" state, check out euphoria a feeling of "well being". So what's wrong with being or feeling happy and content. Morons

  5. Well done to the mother who was brave enough to make the choice between natural medicine and synthetic. I BELIEVE THAT MOTHERS WHO ARE CANNABINOID DEFICIENT ARE PUTTING THIER UNBORN BABIES AT RISK. One day it will be discovered that CANNABINOIDS are essential to a new mothers and they should be consuming the seeds and flowers in the natural diet, with the aid of Gods medicine/food would have a better chance of fighting deficiencies in the womb while the baby is developing. Why do people think that all synthetic medicine is good for mankind, since the sixties medicines have been synthesised and the use of natural compounds stopped. We make synthetic plastic for our use but nature don't recognise it , we make synthetic people A.I. But you will never create life with A.I. A lot of synthetic medicines will create more problems as it travels through your body, just as we recognise A.I in real life our minutest molecules recognise alien invaders in it's world.

  6. just make Marijuana Legal! Please America, Stop the nonsense, stop the corporate rule of bull shit, stop hindering THE US PUBLIC and you american congressman making no sense at all to the everyday Americans your killing us with yiur bull shit!

  7. No !!!!!!! Damn now the idiotic government gonna regulate and destroy and make so expensive won’t be the same ! Keep government out of these types of things

  8. If she's taking thc she getting high
    But with the state she is in what difference does it make as long as she is living thru this condition with a level of comfort to get her thru the day
    I only feel a bit of remorse for the parent that will one day have to leave her behind

  9. So until an asshole in a white lab coat says it's ok, people will continue to suffer. FUCK pharma.. make a choice — DIE legally, or LIVE illegally. This plant will remain illegal in one form or another forever because it is ACTUAL HEALING MEDICINE. As the big pharma saying goes "A patient cured is a customer lost"

  10. Go to YouTube video and watch "medical cannabis stops Stefans seizure" & "medical cannabis owns this seizure" & "medical cannabis and Parkinson's part 3 of 3" Seeing is believing!!!!☮️

  11. CBD oil has to have THC in it for it to work.. so them saying "the part that gets you high" has to be in it for it to work.. high CBD low THC wont get you high because CBD stops the effects of the THC. Free grow your own drugs is the reason why pharmaceutical companies have done everything in their power to keep cannabis illegal, they don't wanna lose profits..

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