1. Dogon Tribe = uses cannabis from the moment of birth until death … the Tribe that is … look them up … the mothers there have babies too and cannabis is such a part of their culture they literally worship it in some fashion or another … brought to them via Dolphins in space ships !!! no joke

  2. I’m so glad I found this video I’m 19weeks+3days and I just recently stopped smoking 2weeks now I’ve suffered from severe morning sickness from the beginning to now to the point I had to go and get iv drips. No medications was helping but I was smoking which was giving me an appetite to eat and somewhat lessen the morning sickness.. I’m Caribbean and I believe ganja is safe while smoking just a spliff a day… since I stopped smoking my nausea spiked back up I can’t get out the bed most days I’m currently on Zofran and still I’m nauseous. I’m conflicted at this point as to whether do I continue back for a little or what. I reside in PA and I know nothing about these doctors much than if I was still living in NY I would feel more comfortable.. I never told my doctor I smoked as they already probably judge me cause I’m a Rastafarian but I know my baby been healthy this far while I was smoking and will continue by the grace of God.. Ganja saved me from a lot of things and I don’t deny it for no reason what so ever..

  3. For real though I haven't found anything that says pot is 100% bad because they say that babies develop a thicker frontal cortex which they say can overall boost your intelligence BUT they also experience harder difficulties with actually learning like short term memory. They also are at higher risks to be stoners when they get older but like I said the water is very muddy with this topic. This drug is still kind of new and its not even federally legal yet so it's hard to study it but from what they found its mixed but most say it's not that harmful but not harmless.

  4. It’s the only thing that stopped my all day puking. I couldn’t even drink water, I cried because I was soooo thirsty. I just wanted to eat and drink without puking. Dr didn’t want to prescribe me any of the nausea stuff, nothing else worked. I tried the tea, unisom and b6.. I was so depressed.. guess what, it was a last resort and it helped me. I was able to eat and drink again. It was a life saver

  5. I have PTSD. Clinical anxiety disorder. Panic disorder. Major depressive disorder. From years of spousal abuse… I use pot as little as I possibly can but there are times where I have to take it or else I will do something irreversible to my body. I also have severe morning sickness (throwing up multiple times a day for 5 weeks, I'm 10 weeks as of today). My ex is not the father, I have been out of that relationship for years now but still suffer from it. My ex had a family already, so why am I not allowed to because of what he did to me? It's not fair, I have wanted kids since I was with him. I know I can be an amazing mother, and I worked so hard to afford my own place and build up from nothing to provide the perfect home for my baby. I feel like I suffer, and the baby suffers, more from my mental health disorders (self harm, severe depression, fight or flight mode with myself…) than I do from marijuana

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