1. I tried Shark Shock and wasn't impressed at all. For me it hit me like some very strange Sativa. It's got a spicy smell and I don't know what weird genetics this stuff is but I thought it was terrible. It wired me up and made me feel like shit. That being said, Buckeye relief has a good CBD flower called Bubble Gum. For me its a great strain , smells like a Indica Pine earthy smoke and effects is a mellow relaxed chill with some pain relief.

  2. I just sat down to puff some Shark Shock CBD by Firelands Scientific. I haven't tried ACDC yet & was happy to see you try it for us. I wish I had known how great CBD was when I first got my card. I don't go without some now. It helps my pain, anxiety, PTSD. The only thing it doesn't do is make me tired or loopy (I take other prescription meds too). After a few puffs I notice everything improving. I highly recommend trying them out.

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