1. I used another youtube video for a spiral sliced ham with a somewhat similar glaze today. The recipe called for 4 minutes total cooking time (not per pound) and my ham was 6 pounds. It did not call for wrapping in foil. It was really dry and not very flavorful. So…I’d love to try this, but an even longer cooking time scares me. I do love your recipes, though, and your Thanksgiving IP turkey did turn out great. Gonna trust you on the ham, too😃

  2. Just made this and it was AMAZING! The only thing i did different is double the slurry to make the glaze thicker! Wasn't sure how long it would take to natural release. I used 4.85 pound sliced, boneless ham and the natural release took 10 min.

  3. I just made this bone in unsliced ham. After following the directions and 34 minutes later, the tender juicy ham is delicious, the fat rendered nicely. Thank you so much. 👍😋💖

  4. I just started cooking with the Instant Pot this week and I'm so happy with it. I've been watching a lot of recipe videos and you seem to be the only one consistently explaining WHY we should not quick release all of the time. I'll be saving this ham recipe for Christmas and I'll try your chicken stock recipe when I get more advanced. Thank you!

  5. 🐖 I always put spiral ham in oven with lots of carrots and some onion. I will bake till carrots were tender and darkened. It didn't come out like i have hoped. I bought myself the 6 qt ultra on Black Friday. Haven't really done too much with it besides eggs. The ham and carrots are now two days old in the fridge. Ham was dry, carrots were still kinda crisp. I cut the ham into 5 chunks and along with the carrots into the pot it went with one cup of water. Not knowing what to do I made a decision to pressure on high for 20 minutes. After a bit on natural release I released it all the way. When i opened the lid it seems as if it had more water than that one cup. I tasted a carrot then a piece of ham and a sip of the juice. For real I was blown away. I actually said out loud oh my God. ..I over ate, couldn't stop sipping on the juice.. it was absolutely delicious. I decided to see if anybody else thought of this, I think I was hoping that I discovered something new.. But no, im just slow. But this will be how I'll be doing it for now on.

  6. I don't know if my Instant Pot has a higher temp or what, but I had a 6# ham, wrapped in foil, so I cooked for 22 min….6×2 = 12 min + 10 min = 22 min. (Boneless) NR Did I do my math right? It came out soooo dry with the edges almost burnt. 🙁 I just cut that part off to use for scraps later. I salvaged it in ham & cheese sliders and some sliced from the center. Very disappointing, so I will try again and just look at how long others cook theirs. Maybe my IP is just off…..or watching the video again, while typing, maybe I didn't "secure" the foil tight enough. I'm sure this fail was user error, so not giving up. 🙂

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