1. What kind of pocket knife is that on your shelf ? With the gold and brown wooden handle. My father used to have one just like it , he passed a long while back and I lost it somehow a few years back 🙁 I forgot the name of it .

  2. Hi brother,
    Im using canna terra pro to start my grow with no added amendments from seed.
    I know its quite hot but i tried before and the plants dealt with it ok.
    Because the soil is already charged i dont add anything for the first 6 weeks of veg from seed as it seems to be charged enough to take me up until then.
    I then only add dry amendments just before i switch into flower.
    Do you think this will be ok to take me into flower and how often would you top dress etc.
    Im finalising my herbs into 7gallon pots aswell.
    Im thinking of top dressing for first week of flower to take me 4 weeks and then one more top dressing at week 4 to week 8, which i water in with a compost tea in 5 gallon bucket consisting of 2 tbsp molasses and 1/2 tbsp epsom salts. I usually give a compost tea every other watering and i will start giving teas just before switching to flower.

    This is what i top dress….

    50ml bat guano 1.10.1
    50ml Ecothrive ( beetle poo ) 2.3.2
    5ml palm tree ash 0.30.0 ( tiny dose because it can raise ph in soil )
    Worm castings 100ml

    But im thinking of adding kelp meal instead of palm tree ash because the potassium levels are way to high and dont want to risk knocking ph out.

    Please let me know what you think of this and could i use kelp meal in veg too or would you just use it before going into flower and in flower ?
    Any feedback is much appreciated,
    Cheers brother and by the way, your ladies are looking lovely and healthy 😀👍🏼🌿🧑‍🌾

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