1. idk if i'd call swapping H2O2 to mCPBZ as luck, wasn't it a common reagent by then?

    also 22:37 looks strange. in the molecule, the OBz is gamma to the ester while in the model you draw, it is only beta. am i missing something here?

    also, my favorite part of the syntheses has got to be the stereoelectronic discrimination between various hydroxyls, epoxides, and alkenes. really great lessons to be learned, especially for the synth of highly oxidized polycycles. nice presentation

  2. I'm a master student and could not understand a lot of steps 😑. total synthesis is quite hard. thanx for uploading. looking forward to watch new interesting a bit detailed videos 😊

  3. Love that [2+2] addition to set up that clutch Bayer-Villager later. I got hyped when I saw that ketone installed, idk why, but I just love Bayer-Villagers, and [2+2]'s are probably my favorite cycloaddition.
    I'll actually be taking my first real foray into organic synthesis this semester with my second research rotation for my PhD, and your videos have helped out a lot in making synthesis accessible, cause lord knows they try to bore you to death with their papers, lol.

    (also, it's probably not really up your alley, but it'd be sick if you ever did a video on the use of biocatalysis in organic synthesis, cause that shit is my jam)

  4. Awesome video. Bilobalide "made easy explanation"! For future videos I would like to see the evolution of total synthesis of Taxol with at least three examples showing the time diferences in state of the art of TotSyn of this historic molecule.

  5. Very interesting video! I have tried Ginkgo Biloba supplements before, but didn’t notice an effect from them. It’s always good to know the chemistry behind what you’re putting in your body lol.

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    What topics and level of difficulty would you like to see in future videos?

    Until next time!

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