1. That's was a great roundup!!🎊🎊
    I agree about the Owls…I've had caps and gums and I love their low temp battery for carts too. Owls is the shit!!
    Hometown is fire too and oh here's a tip if you havent tired em, I find TreeTop Hemp Co gummies to be fire too… especially for the money, 150 mgs for fifteen bucks, good price. the watermelon are the shit as far as flavor but they're all good, they come in at 30 mgs a piece and are good for day time lifting as long as you keep it around 60mgs or less in my experience but I have also eaten 200 mgs over the course of a day and yeah, you'll sleep like the dead.
    I like full on eddies too but honestly for the money and the effects I think delta 8 wins, especially an elite 8 like Owl's…don't know how they do it but their 8 is like the champagne of all this stuff…elite is right…you guys coined that category and it's spot on..Elite bitches!!!!😂😺🐱🎊👍
    Haven't had the lean though…uhhh that's gotta happen! 🤪😂

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