1. man i smoke so much weed bro im tired of that shit Tbh Its a real battle for me to stop but starting 21 ima change my life This video really inspired me thank u.

  2. Yeah I do I understand all the way and I know that it’s hard to stop sometimes but I’m done after watching this video because I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was.

  3. I have lit up since i was a teen. To me..weed is a gateway to experience a hightened feeling of what is in your mind..sometimes when i am under too much pressure along the lines of dread and fear…i avoid it. Works best for me when my aura is at peace…

  4. Hi again my friend, You at the minute 15 and so on you've said something very true about that, the way and why we or all the smokers doing it, for e.g. I've stopped when I've 30s coze starting making me paranoid and I had just stopped till today's and today's I do had 50 years old . Just saying. God Bless you all. and get the Key of the Understanding first, before do judgments or judge someone else without be guilting just He or She enjoy doing that to get answers or solutions. Just to be clear to all I do not had been Here to Push or incentive anyone to do so , what I do wanna leave here is, I had been there as smoker like a day basis smoker for 15 years and today I don't do that , not because someone else ask me to do but because whose the right decision at that time…Tanks for you time here.

  5. I micro-dose weed for doing skilled labor and I am more productive when I do. I do better at things like soldering and welding. It has to be a smaller amount of weed though: too much and it becomes counterproductive. There is a sweet spot.

  6. Man I have to say I just love you!! You spoke about everything that the affects do not only to the human brain, but as well as to the body plus the spiritual side. The problem today is that this plant is being labeled as good for any time or purpose. People need to educate themselves and study about the human mind. Science says today that our minds control this existence, that it has the ability to control this dream we are so we can play with it, then I ask myself today (while looking for enlightment and spiritual purpose) why I would interfere into this ability I have? I need to confess I used to smoke very often, about 2 years straight. I confess it is not easy to perfectly not think about it. The danger I can get smoking while practicing any sort of religion or spiritual practice is enormous. it's been few weeks without it, but I'm trying my best to stay away from it. Today with no drug I have no friend, but I have myself which is who I'm living for. You mentioned about sex, that is an issue I'm putting in order too.

  7. Nice clear thoughts. The best high I've had is fasting. One hit of cannabis sometimes is good but being older and informed about things helps to not just smoke for social reasons.
    But to connect to source energy. Not just smoke and watch a movie or sit around talking sh**

  8. One of gratest video about mj issue I was watched, the same, in short, this can get you grater perspectives but you can get it without smoke, naturally, good work.

  9. Dumbest most uninformed video I've ever seen. How do you start of a video with just a string of false statements? Please do some re search before you say stupid shit. This is what weed does to you.

  10. We have become so programmed believing weed is bad, weed has many side effects, it creates addiction and a lot of bla bla bla. I never ever tought i was ever going to smoke weed. I always was very against it, i saw weed smokers as depressive junkies who needed to take weed to get out of reality and create more pain and depression.

    But now i start smoking it after being 2,5 years on a vegan diet and on a spiritual path i experienced dmt ,psychedelic mushrooms. And Cannabis is one of these spirtual substances too. When i smoke weed i get this intense hard pressure between my eye brows in my third eye. I start to fantasize and get relevations i start to get answers on my questions, see what is behind my life situations. And i start to dream a a lot better vivid/lucid. Cannabis has no harm. The goverment wants to keep you a slave that's all. Luckely i live in The Netherlands where we won the war on legalizing cannabis. I have free access and its great

  11. if you are lazy when you are high you were lazy before you got high. In my opinion weed intensifies how you feel and who you are at the moment. and helps you reflect. the problem is when you smoke so much you don't get to reflect and you get stuck in the trance. Its actually really simple, too much of anything could be bad.

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