1. After several videos and coming close to boxing it up and returning, you MAY have saved me the trouble. This was a gift, and I still need convincing. It is huge, and seems like a lot of work to save time on most dishes. I hope to learn how to cook large pieces of meat, since wheat fairly clean. I am a bit overwhelmed at the idea of straying from years of tried and true dishes.

  2. I haven’t use my pressure cooker yet. It’s amazing. do7.pl/Ninja So many features. 2 tops, cookbook just awesome. I will use it this weekend and write a review. I’m glad I purchased it. Especially for the air fryer etc…stay tuned for an update after I use it.

  3. Have you used the dehydrating function yet? I have the same model and it makes quite a lot of noise when I use the dehydrating function. Wondering if its normal or my machine is messed up…thanks!

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