1. I've been trying the 6x concentrated version and I started with 5 drops and worked up to 25 and I'm still experiencing nothing. No pain reduction, no sleep aiding, and no change in anxiety. I wonder if it's the product or me? Does it not work for some? How much do other people use? Helpful comments please, as I am really interested in this working for me. Thanks.

  2. I know there are other videos out there, but this sounds like a baseless commercial for the company. I'm definitely actively researching this product, but for you personally, maybe put a little more effort into your content.

  3. No offense to you, but I feel like this whole CBD oil thing is one big scam. I spent so much money on different oils, even the most potent one sold by BBB; I didn't feel a thing. Followed all instructions I found anywhere, drank tons of this stuff, and…nothing.
    Interested to see how long this comment stays up.

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