1. I feel like it costs a lot of money in butane to run this press especially if you’re using It everyday. Can you heat the press using an enail? If not the big shot torch would be perfect for this stays it stays lit for 30 mins and conserves butane

  2. Hope they all voted so there be no socialism they already traded the best president in there life didn’t like the big tax breaks that at the end of the year they could big a car they traded that in to pay higher taxes so they could buy a good pair of shoes instead of the getting a good used car if they take socialism they don’t need to worry about a police officer shooting them the troops will gladly take care of that as soon as you break a rule people are brainwashed welcome Joe Biden and Harris and socialism

    Democrats don't care about the People it's all about how many partys they get to go to .Poils was the so called number 1 party giver and thats how she got where shes at know .The more drinks the more votes she got .

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