1. I said befor that cfls are good and they are but I just switchd ti 1000 hps and I see a big difrence already in a week time and I not juiceing the elecrcity like I was before I should get 30% more yeld now

  2. Yeah that is agreat way to flower bouth withthe cfls and hps I got 40o watt hps and 3000 wats of cfl on my flower room now it works great for my space 4 x 4 u grown befor you say??

  3. @lovinit19791 thanks bud πŸ™‚

    ill definetly check out your grows. i used to use a 400w hps, i just had a heat issue. and especially since its summer….. i can only use the 4 68w cfls.

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