1. Day 6: Relapsed + binged + day 0 after relapse

    -relapsed today at night and i binged later on. After relapse i suddenly got too much stress of new year, i was shocked and found no way of comforting myself but to relapse to pmo again and again.

    -felt lost, alone, regretted and i lost my will over my soul and body. I went far away from righteousness and i felt the good group people left me behind alone with the cruel people. I tried to rise but i binged. Later i decided to move on but i wasted a day.

    1. Nof*p is a lifestyle and must be no room of relapse. The real challenge is how you deal with yourself when urge strikes on you. That is time to decide and take action. If you beat urge you get confidence. Keep on relapsing is of no point and it majes you lose time and keeps you back

    -Develop strong relation with your God Creator. He is controller of world and dont like shameless things. Routines are important and not only for basic things. It must be filled following your passions and goals.

    The only way to have a friend is to be one.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. Wow King great lesson learned here .. Semen retention relapse through a female can be far worse than through porn .. because it is a greater mix of energy (bad energy from the low vibrational thotties). Guess I'm lucky I'm introverted so I don't have options to go relapse thru these women 🀣🀣 I would rather relapse to porn than letting my seed into a Jezebel

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