1. Derrick would be the best merchant in resident evil 4 saying "stranga strangerr i got sum raree PEDS for ya" he would give the main character the boost of a lifetime , might have been the reason why Chris was able to punch a boulder !! Now we need a Chris Redfield Natty or Not , wheres the shirt from mate?

  2. Only pros knew or had access to things like Parabolan and Primobolan in the 70s & even until the early 90s when Parabolan was off the market & Primobolan was not common unless they traveled & could speak several languages. Most cycles used test cypionate, Deca or EQ, and about 25mg-30mg Dbol or one drol per day. Precontest was Anavar, winnie, and whatever else could be found. Nobody talked about their useage unless they knew and trusted you.
    That's why SoCal & NY/NJ had a lot of pros-it was access to gear. Over the past 15 yrs guys tend to stay put. Everyone pretty much has access to the same things.

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