1. YES! Hands down YES! As a grower and user from the USA just legalize it and b done with it. I live in a "legal" state but it's not perfect and I've got issues but we're getting there.
    I rarely drink alcohol and I don't use other "recreational" drugs. I do smoke cigarettes which r legal and just as harmful.
    We're getting there

  2. There's a lot of stoners watching this video so they better watch what they say😂
    Can't go around saying make MJ illegal during the month dedicated to her.
    4.20 is near👌

  3. Wow.. I thought this would be educational, BOY WAS I WRONG. You just made it sound like cannabis causes all these weird adverse side effects when they only happen in about 2% of people or new smokers who are clueless. Do more research because medical studies prove some of your "facts" wrong.

  4. Why the rebrand? The old name had a better ring to it, the old logo was better, and obviously the old narrator was miles better. I don't know what happened, whether Mitch quit or was fired, but this channel should have died then. If you recently found this channel, go back and watch the ones from Top 10 Trends, they're actually good.

  5. Yes.. I believe it should be. But i'm also pro-marijuana. Always have been. I believe it should be a choice. I don't smoke pot anymore, but I still will always vote yes on marijuana. It had so much potential.🖤

  6. Look if you compare marijuana with alcohol, which one is worse? And which one is already legalized? Marijuana is really not that dangerous as much people make it out to be. There are so many more Pros than cons with marijuana. Hell if you're religious and you don't believe in legalizing it because you are a Christian oh, well I got news for you it's in the Bible, in the chapter of Genesis.

  7. Yeah it was only made illegal during the Reagan administration on racial bases. Its healthier than cigarettes and alcohol and has killed 0 people and it has the added bonus of medicinal properties ranging from reducing stress, helping seizures, reducing pain, helping with cancer, reducing PTSD issues and making it legal will stop the pointless arrest and waste of tax money putting mainly minorities in jail even though white people have the same amount of use and lastly but not only, it would be a giant tax revenue stream and halt drug trafficking from national and international sources and help solve our opioid crises caused by unregulated legal drugs

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