1. Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing this history of what this weed is I feel American Indians use to use it in there peace pipes but it's not the same as years ago but what they are selling now is nothing like what use to be sad Linda j.peace glad I'm not doing anything meds we take from doctors that kill people every day sad

  2. Brother teacher the marijuana now it's different the CIA actually picked somebody's brain with a needle or icepick through certain parts of the brain and tested these experimented human beings. When you smoke it the males become feminized acting weaker showing female traits while the females showing male traits acting stronger or tuffer. That's why when you "trip" or get high that what happens and it's called chemical warfare. Stay awoke brother teacher. The marijuana that is created now and ship to us imported is not the same. And the system know that they doing. They trying to destroy us. That's why I stay away from that plant. It is made for oil like for medical use such as cuts or warts on your skin? Instead of inhaling because of the electrolytes of the brain gets destroyed when you smoke it and that's what the high comes in. I dont know why they are still smoking that stuff when the government did something to it like I explained it through a ice pick of a experimented human being. Open you eyes y'all and brother teacher stay awoke in this cruel world..

  3. Brother Reginald I live in Washington state where it is legal, In the city I live in there is probably a cannabis store on every corner. I personally tried marijuna in the 1970's, In the hippie days but not since then. The stuff they are selling in the cannabis stores is not natural, it's greatly enhanced and people using it are higher than kites. To each his own though.

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