1. Okay I weed ain’t bad I smoke it but what hes doing ain’t acceptable. The least he could do is go to school and respect his mom. I smoke weed I do good at school got a academic scholarship. Weed ain’t bad til you let it ruin your life.

  2. I honestly think English sugarcoats certain things. In my native language telling your parent that "you're tired too" would sound like a swear word, and knowing my parents they'd end that attitude with a quick backhand. 🤣

  3. Bruh this is what I hate about this world people should just let people do what they want to do weed hasn’t kill anyone and if you really think about it everything is addictive even tv or viogames and weed is something that could give you more to life why is it people can mind there business dam you ruining this boy life by trying to help him let him choose his path

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