1. I'll have to admit – I bought ACB and SNDL, even though they are not fundamentally good companies. I made really good profit on them bc of their high volatility (with all the political stuff going on), sold them. Still holding on to GTBIF long term though.

  2. Hey Jerry, appreciate the analysis as usual, but would’ve loved to have seen more stocks that trade on Robinhood: CGC, CRON, APHA, ACB, and TLRY. Just a suggestion for maybe a future video on cannabis stocks. Thanks again!

  3. Jerry great info; yeah I agree I also do no have to use the product to buy into the company take the emotion out of the buy…all about the confidence in the company…I appreciate your work that you put into the videos and have used your analysis on some of the companies I was on the cusp of buying into…..keep it up jerry

  4. Great video I’ve been Long $IIPR, $PLNHF and $TCNNF. I am not sure where you get your rev growth for the current year, but I’m seeing massive revenue growth for $PLNHF projected on yahoo finance contrary to your 14%.I have 12k in this company and I monitor them very closely. They have the Vegas superstore getting back to full capacity, Santa Ana superstore coming in Q1, and their other Vegas smaller Medizin dispensary back in business after getting the license back. Yahoo finance has them around 100% growth and I’m bullish on massive growth next year as well.

  5. Hi Jerry, I just recently subscribed to your channel and have found your videos to be informative and useful. I personally wouldn't touch most of the cannabis stocks as the cost of business is high (growing, producing/manufacturing, marketing, storefronts, etc). I am invested in the SPAC "SSPK" Silver Spike Acquisition, which already has identified a merger–"Weedmaps" app. Weedmaps is the largest app that has double digit organic growth in users in multiple years. I would much invest in a technology that enables producers/retailers to profit than investing in the cannabis itself. Check out SSPK.

  6. 2020 was almost a bad year for me because I lost my job and things was really bad for me until a friend introduced me to @coachtoria101 on instagrm who is now my mentor she teach and help me gain financial freedom in space of 2 months ❤️ this dude @coachtoria101 is the best coach / mentor you have been looking for

  7. as i told you in an older cannabis video you did i own a lot of canopy growth CGC just betting on snoop dogs inside knowledge 😉 up 85% so far also i just got webull used your link hope ya get something good i only got to penny stocks so far but haven't got my 2 yet for depositing 100 bucks taking a long time to get them will let ya know if i get anything good keep up the great videos

  8. Hey, Jerry how to you take profit from a stock? For example let say I only can afford 10 shares of one of your recommendation and that stock is trading up how do I take profit?

  9. Everybody is going cray cray over BNGO and NNDM. Was using your strategy and looking at the stats for BNGO. Everything looked okay until I hit the revenue and levered free cash flow which seem to be negative?? What do you think about these? I’m pretty sure you did a vid on NNDM previously.

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