1. "Too bad drug ingredients come off as drugs..

    The most farfetched solution I thought of is a new test. Opiates may be the primary factor, but measuring another may exclude some false positives.

  2. Not that it really matters but I'm not sure "false positive" is the right terminology here. You do have opium in your urine. You didnt inject it, and it wasnt enough to actually get you high sure. But its still real Opium. A false positive implies the test outright failed and you didnt have any opium in your urine but it came back positive anyway

  3. i think i remember Myth Busters doing this one back in the day and coming to a similar conclusion. i avoid the problem entirely by eschewing (rather than chewing) poppy seeds. πŸ™‚

  4. The real answer is to eliminate drug tests entirely. What one does in their spare time has zero to do with their job. If they're high at the job and it interferes with their work, action should be taken, but not one moment before.

  5. Slightly confusing to follow for me because you switch between the terms "positive" "negative" "fail" which could all be confused with each other unless the viewer is not hungover.

  6. Hi! HoW are you?

    – It is the second Thursday of the new year. Seoul, Korea had a lot of snow, and the lowest temperature was -15'C. It is a very cold day. I hope this week will be a healthier/fierce day. ^O^

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