1. Mr Grow it
    Did you say you planted the seedling in Fox Farm Ocean Forrest??
    I did the same. And i was soo worried. My ppms are testing in the 1300-1500 ppms. All the nutes in the soil

  2. I am new to growing and really appreciate the detail and hard work you put into your content it really shows. After watching hrs of your videos I decided to purchase your ebook and love it! There is so much information and yet is it so easy to understand and follow. Thank you Chris! I was wondering how do you determine how much water to start with when feeding. I do not want to overwater my plants but I also do not want to waste water with nutrients in it.

  3. Man tbh just take your time … don’t rush it even down to the germination, if the girl is a growing seedling, less water good soil and plenty light leds work greattt , and no cheap closet bulb!!

  4. That deformed one was choked up at the roots.. you were right. But what caused that was the seed shell was on the plant too long causing it to deform and not have the proper light it needs at the most crucial state of its growth… this could have happened overnight and you wouldnt have even noticed.

  5. So we give it bloom yellow on the first few weeks of sprouting ?? My plant 🌱 is on week 4 after sprouting out the dirt it now has a good amount of leaves and idk what to give it to speed up the growing process in a healthy way.

  6. they deform when u pump there delicate structure inside the seed when placing in soil. its like a sponge made out of jelly inside that tiny little seed that opens up is a tiny little egg type thing that becomes the flowers. the center of the seed.

  7. sometimes seeds take longer to open. you should give them atleast 10 days. in rare cases I have had MARIJUAJA seeds that DID NOT open tell day 9. they were from a giant random beg of stragglers from begs I saved up. just saying and those particular seeds grew and yielded slow/low but it made very very very very very very good weed. fuck what u think you know. those rare seeds that pop after 9 days are something special

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