1. I appreciate your help and advice over this past year! you have helped me become a better grower – and – I don't get any weird connotation to your post… that 'professional' is an odd duck…

  2. You have no point…Your post starts with "thanks for having a channel with information" And ends with "I'm really here for everything but information".

    You are confused, unsure and sexually repressed…and it spilled out into your post. I offered my services to help you. If you don't want them, that is fine…but don't dump your inadequacies on me.

    Go out and pay for a hooker if you must, but please stop obsessing about sex. And don't replace it with an herb obsession either.


  3. Is your name for the car? If so, cool.

    If not, you don't know what I'm talking about and are wondering what I am indeed talking about, so you'll Google Caprice and understand the mystery.

    Your post is very sexual by the way. Has raised some concerns. Anything you want to talk about? I'm a professional.

  4. You are the best man!! Thanx for all this.. I wish you can check my channel and see my plants, this is my first growing i never done this before i will be thankful if you give me any tip about what im doing 😉

  5. Thank you for having an awesome channel with information. Im busy, and don't have time for those guys videos with smoking bowls and talking news real slow like.. I want what I come to YouTube for. Cannabis porn. The money shot of nugs. And if you got great info to go along, awesome. Too bad you one of the few I find with their head on straight. LOL. Peace.

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