1. I agree with her to a point. I've had many friends that were low-level addicts or pretty heavy drinkers. As for myself, I could not stop. I couldn't tell you as to why I started or how I got so deep in. What I can tell you is that for the last 2 years of using I could not even conceived of any option other than continuing this hellish life that I desperately wish would end, or kill myself. I tried more than a dozen times in those last two years to kill myself. I did not know at that time that I could quit. I know that sounds insane and I'd have to agree with you. But I honestly could not conceive of that third option. The straw that finally broke this camel's back was far from the worst thing that happened during my using. In hindsight, it was pretty pedestrian. Since June 21st 2007 I've not used. I'm not a medical professional so I cannot speak as to whether or not addiction is a disease. However, my friend's wife is a geneticist and as she happily reminds me on a somewhat frequent basis, there are genetic sequences that predispose people to being alcoholics. All this being said, I accept full responsibility for ever picking up in the first place. I knew my family's history and I knew the over-under on me getting hooked. I also believe that me getting out of that cycle was nothing short of a gift from my creator. I use so much that I lost the ability to choose. Today I have a choice. And today there is no damn excuse for ever choosing the way I used to live. I don't blame society, I don't blame the doctors, I don't blame my folks, and I don't blame myself. Birds fly, fish swim, and I smoked crack until I try to kill myself. Except that just for today, I don't. Anyhow, I hope you lovely people have a lovely day.

  2. As a new X-ray tech my studies had more to do with physics than medicine. In 2000, at a country community hospital I was escorting a patient back to the ER and he asked me about my limp. At the time, my foot was swollen from bursitis related to a heel spur. The patient told me he was on a new wonder drug. Three months ago his arthritis was so bad, he was bedridden. Now, he was back to being a functional human again. He recommended I asked my doctor for this drug I understood him to call “oxy-cotton”.

  3. Long periods of time of lack of control over ones life (liberty/freedom) is the primary cause of addiction. Your body needs chemicals like serotonin (makes you feel happy and motivated)in order to live. If one camt produce enough through natural means, this leads people to seek an artificial, external source; drugs.
    -ex alcoholic

  4. That women is full of it. "Of course the brain is changed in addiction but the point is the brain isn't changed to the point were the person can no longer make decisions." Except that opiod withdrawal can literally kill you or at the very least make life a living hell for as long as a month and this woman just sums up the physical reliance on opiods as simply up to a decision after addiction has already happened. My father became addicted to opiods after having serious knee replacement surgery and became addicted to the point of withdrawal after using them as suggested by the doctor, it isn't a myth. There are plenty of other non addictive pain medication you can prescribe for non chronic pain there is absolutey no reason for a doctor to prescribe these addictive opiods to someone who isn't suffering from chronic pain but yet you see it time and time again, that is the issue. A doctor is supposed to be for the patients health first and foremost but you see everyday some poor little boy being prescribed mind altering ritalin just because he's hyper like every little boy is. I mean what the in the world do you think of that dentist a few years back that was secretely not giving his children patients anesthesia when it was needed to save on cash while the parents unwittingly passed offed the screams of agony from their children as just the typical doctor tantrum children have? Most people trust doctors without doubt and some doctors who abuse that trust deserve jail time.

  5. This is such bullshit corporate apologies crap. How about Perdu comes to the town and for 12 months before being allowed to sell a single pill holds public education on the dangers of opium on the dangers of crushing the pill, on the fact that we as a country we thru this in the civil war and Vietnam. After all the people have been informed of the Clear connection OxiCo=perdu=OPIUM only then you can sell this stuff and i mean all members of the community in pain and not in pain .
    NOT only that it should have the same thing as NICOTINE – IN HUGE FONT "Opium and its derivatives are So addictive that Wars are fought over it https://www.britannica.com/topic/Opium-Wars" and not play marketing angle at all, just be straight up because if i dont have problems and my neighbors do and all i know is that there is some pain med that they take and i dont know that its opium how would i ever know what to look for before shit hits the fan?

    and they should of set up addiction treatment centers before marketing this shit, these people know exactly what opium is. And then you can absolve them of this evil bs.

  6. I Think the real problem was PRODUE knew how much of this there were selling BOAT LOADS. and the money meant more.


  7. We are ruled at gunpoint and regulation is nothing more than government's hit list, an ever expanding list and the only thing government can organize. How can Congress be experts on everything and inept at the same time? First ignore the law of the land then grant themselves immunity. Do you fear government? We all do since they are the true terrorists.

  8. Big Pharma companies have literally gotten away with murder. They willfully marketed drugs they knew to be addictive – driven solely by their motivation for profit.
    ReasonTV usually provides a reputable and unbiased perspective but they are missing the forest on this one 😢

  9. Drug legalization is a double edged sword. Libertarians want all drugs to be legalized but don't seem to want their tax dollars to pay for getting junkies off the street.

  10. I tried to tell people I was acquainted with who were in favor of such measures that when the government made it harder to get pills, it wasn’t going to solve anything. I really hate when people don’t listen and prove me right sometimes.

  11. While I'm alt Right myself I do have a few liberalistic views one of for me is access to medication for my PDD-NOS I don't know how you stop people from abusing Ritalin or selling it to those on the street but also keep it medically available for people like me who do need it. I consider myself middle of the road on this issue because I don't think Weed should be legalized though at all.

  12. I have been taking oxycodone since 2013 because of a back injury. I have tried nearly every other kind of treatment, including surgery, and nothing else has worked. I expect to take oxycodone for the rest of my life. As I see it, so long as I take it as prescribed, I am at little risk of an accidental overdose. The danger comes from buying drugs illegally and receiving a drug that is unexpectedly potent or otherwise adulterated. Accidental overdoses also occur when a person stops taking an opioid for a period of time, loses their tolerance and then takes the same dose they were taking before they tried to stop. I only get my drugs from a pharmacy and take it as directed by my doctor. Some years ago, I made a joke with my doctor about being a middle aged drug addict. He told me I wasn't an addict, I was just physically dependent. If I had been an addict, I would have taken the prescription paper out of his printer. I told him we would have to see what would happen if he ever stopped writing prescriptions. What I worry about is that as the government tries to crack down on opioid abuse, my doctor will be pressured to stop giving me prescriptions. I'm not sure what I would do if he was unwilling/unable to give me new prescriptions. To be perfectly honest one of the things I really hate is how much time I spend worrying about it. Ironically, I made it through high school, college and law school without once trying marijuana or any other illegal drug.

  13. opiates have been around and used for thousands of years. The problem is government trying to control people. Opiates give a feeling of euphoria or happiness. So when someone takes them they are pursuing happiness which happens to be an inalienable right. These laws making them illegal should have been struck down years ago by the courts.

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