1. I bought soy lecithin in gel cap form & made gummies with it , they came out good &. I didn’t notice a difference in the taste . I’ve heard like you said sunflower lecithin is better . I’m going to get some . I just wanted to make them that day & that was all I could find . I saw someone swallow a gel tab with her edible cuz she made them without but wanted the benefits of the lecithin. You mentioned clearified butter , you can buy ghee at the store I saw it when I was there the other day . It’s already clearified .

  2. Soy lecithin is not as healthy as using sunflower lecithin & not just because of pesticides, but because of how it affects the human body, that's one of the main reasons to avoid it. Sunflower lecithin can also help allow the affects of THC based cannabis infusions to have a longer affect also, which can be important for people on serious budgets with buying cannabis.

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