1. Several intelligent people are terrible investors because they face the market with untrained physiology and untamed emotions. You need to keep raw, irrational emotions under control.

  2. I want to win MindMed merch!! Love these videos. Also I still have 100% of my position and truly will be staying on this journey with this amazing company for a while

  3. Aaron! Do you know anything about Hollister Biosciences? I have that one and it’s doing really well today! I think because of news….would love to know more! Does anyone else have Hollister Biosciences?

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  6. I wanna win mind med merch! Looking to add MMED between $3 – $3.50 if it continues to pull back. Been sitting on 1000 shares but think it’s time to try and buff that. Thanks for the content 😀

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