1. legalize it in every state stop picking state by state it's stupid what's good for one state is good for all you can't say it's ok to smoke here but not their that's discrimination it's like saying you can only buy alcohol and tobacco in new york and no we're else get real

  2. If you are a Californian please vote yes on proposition 64 to legalize marijuana in California. the deadline to register to vote is 15 days before November 8th its easy ūüôā thank you

  3. I'm not Canadian but I'm also interested in what the Trudeau government is going to do. Will they legalize across Canada as they promised. I'm an American living in Germany. I'm interested what the States and Canada do, as the winds of change will spread over here.

  4. It's time that Marijuana smokers have a show of force at Washington DC. WE need to have a¬† "Woodstock" in front of Washington DC but we need to have at least 3-4 million protesters which should be easily enough. The protest will bring powerful results to our cause. Let us disabled Americans lead…

  5. Divide America great idea west coast was Mexico n Canada land drug area. While the east coast is owned by uk stand independent lets decide coast get it to original 13 colony like it once was

  6. how the hell is pot not legal in CA already? I don't get it….we had medical marijuana since 1996! NINETEEN NINETY SIX….and while there are a select few who use it for real medical purposes…the vast majority of patients are just twenty somethings who suffer from the terrible disease of personal responsibility and motivation lol. I think the government may as well legalize it because the way it is now…the government is basically allowing a system to thrive that they know is corrupt and disingenuous and a lot of times run by organized crime elements. Tax it like booze and leave people to there individual choices….and let the cops finally put an end to gangs and cartels. My two cents.

  7. when I was in high school 6 years ago it was easier to get marijuana and other drugs than alcohol, now if that isn't a complete fail of the war on drugs than I don't know what is. Just make it legal and tax it so our nation can start to get out of debt faster.

  8. I don't see what the big deal is, really. It's easier for kids to get it when it's illegal. Do you think drug dealers check for ID? No, you fucktards. I'm 17 and can get weed when ever I want. I don't need any ID. I don't need any medical cards. I just have piers who have it, and they probably got it from someone else of the same age group, until it all goes back to the people who grow it. People I get it from are usually younger than me. I can't buy cigarettes or alcohol because (most) places you need to get them from actually check for ID.

  9. unregulated pot is not legal anywhere and ? never will be .it is still a federal crime to buy marijuana except  for treatment of a life altering illness like cancer(during the kemo/chemo phase of their treatment for nausea) and? then it has to be prescribed by their doctor legally.the other thing is marijuana smoke will be under the same laws as regular cigarettes because marijuana smoke releases 70 percent more carcinogens  than  any other tobacco product out their except the concentrated nicotine used in those e-cigarettes/cigars. as they just showed on the news last night and are doing a special on 2 deaths from those devices. plus pot will be taxed to death and regulated to death to prevent deaths from marijuana being sold and being chemically treated(in other words the fda will have to begin inspecting crops and other government agencies will have to inspect the quality so that  no one can be harmed/die from the effects of this product and it being sold without government approval, just like any other crop/food/medicine) or used with other drugs.so anyone using will just be opening themselves up for the justice system to come to their home anytime they want and do a search for other drugs and pull them over anytime they want  for driving while under the influence just like drinking. don't think the fed is making a list of marijuana buyers from the marijuana sellers/dealers??? think again. plus we the people who don't want pot around U.>S or being smoked n public also have the right not to be exposed to this behavior. : ) doh1 so potheads will still have to obey the laws that make pot illegal in all states by the fed. cant wait too see all the civil suits and class action suits against potheads and pot growers and sellers.: ) doh! and??? the pot lobby thought they would slide this by U.S.nawt!! a chance.

  10. I really enjoy the nationwide groundswell for Cannabis legalization. But if  all people  do is go  on YouTube and say yippee it is going to take  forever. If your not registered to vote,  do so. Contact your elected representatives and if their not on the legalization bandwagon, tell them they're going to be unemployed. The right wing anti-legalization, law enforcement, big pharmaceutical, etc,  etc people vote, if the folks who want this ridiculous prohibition to end  don't support it at the polls it isn't  going to happen. Be a responsible citizen who votes for legalized cannabis. The anti-legalization people  count on us being  to high to get off the couch and vote. Prove them wrong.

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