1. Pa Is Only Medicinal..Ive Never Had Any Powder Dry,and They Put The Moisture Pouches In Them,And All Prepackaged.But Yeah,Have To Put Something In It From Time To Time,Because I Get Enough To Last a Month,Damn Dispensary Is 1.5 Hrs.Almost,lol..Have a Good Night❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸🔭🌏

  2. Properly cured Cannabis is stored at about 62% humidity and should NOT be dry!
    DO NOT put spinach or orange peel, etc.. in with your weed!!! That's how you introduce mold.
    Get yourself some proper Boveda 62 packs and an air tight container and it will help (hopefully) bring back your herb.

  3. Best thing about your channel? Easily accessible, no bullshit delivery of much needed valid information on herb. You should do a podcast…..you’re smart and funny as hell. Many many people neither smart nor funny have been successful at it, so I’d say you’re already way ahead of the game!

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