1. Hey @RooDaaR, thanks for the video. And @MrKollossal for the idea. I like them a lot.
    Previous to this, I had set up a janky version of the "time out box" closer to the cassette tape. It's working well so far.
    So Roo, seeing your bow blinking reminded me to ask you something. Do you have a farming method to get webs? I ran across something somewhere, possibly on the sub-Reddit, where one gentleman was able to hide inside the soda can near the big rock and within 5 minutes he was covered in webs. Next chance I get some game time, I'll check it out let you know.
    Scouts out, b

  2. Lmao I've built my megastructure on the rocks between these two spiders. Building them in is hilariously easy. 6 gas arrows or 16 feather arrows with Marksman's cap and Insect Bow takes them down.

  3. From what I've seen as well is that spike traps are a good way of locking them in a spot. For example, the ones that spawn inside the leaf holes will be locked inside it if you put spike traps in front of them.

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