1. Yes you can see its healthy thank you i did papaya ginger banana and lettuce my body just felt unblockeked it was so good i did it in bullet came out like smoothie.

  2. Hi Risa sorrel is our traditional Christmas drink in Jamaica I prepare mine with dried pimento berries and cinnamon leaves. It's a great drink. Christmas is not Christmas in Jamaica without sorrel drink. Nuff love from Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  3. Hello Miss Risa, thank you for this wonderful video. I wanted to know if you have any other videos for high blood pressure. I just happen to have high blood pressure and my doctor is starting me on some meds which I don't want to take. I just want to cure it naturally. Please help Miss Risa🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. Pineapple skin is rich is vitamin C, which can build the overall immunity of the body, fight bacteria, help with cough, etc. The skin can also be a teeth and bone strengthener, since it is rich in manganese. It is great for oral health, because the vitamin C can keep the gums healthy, thanks for this video I use the skin to make drink also it is nice

  5. Thanks Risa for this recipe, just made this 2day, I normally don't like trying anything new, afraid I may not like it & My money gone down the drain because of it; The taste is not actually bad @ all, it's a keeper

  6. I had sorrel trees growing in my yard in Trinidad. There is also a green sorrel where did you get the dried sorrel. Can you add your items to your description below? Love your drink girl. Tried the pineapple ginger lemon drink love it keep up with the videos

  7. Thank you Risa for sharing because I have now known how to add some other ingredients but before I used to drink it plain as tea after boiling it though it helped in some ways, it's such a nice drink.

  8. i used to throw fibre from my pineapple away after making pineapple juice but sis ever since u recommended I never throw the fibre of my pineapple I use it to make my smoothies by adding other fruits. it saves me because I can get pineapple juice and also smoothie from same fibre. thanks for all u have taught me

  9. this is a staple drink in my country and in my house I always make it because it's medicinal and cleanses the system. We add pineapple peels,pineapple fruit itself, ginger, cloves and ant fruit of ur choice. it's so yummy and I love the sour taste it has. my kids love it too. thank u my beautiful sis thought u will never make a video on this. Kudos

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