1. How do I get in touch with Rose or the son? I have a business opportunity and I am looking forward to expand and potentialy use their consulting expertise as it is picking up. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can connect me. Maita basa!.

  2. That's a lot of gold to make every person there a millionaire, wow….imagine how economy's all over the world would boom if these people were all millionaire's, see that gets spread around the whole world would benefit, these people would buy something from every continent, its simple…..

  3. And,,, after the local government learns you have a prosperous claim,,, they come confiscate it,,,and say,,,its for national security,,,,,ha,,,ha,, ha,,,ha,,,there goes your world,,,

  4. So,,,,let me get this straight,,,,,, gold is Nutritious and edible,,,,, And drink obal like water,,,,,i would rather have food,,,and water as apposed to worthless metal like gold,,,,,but,,, each to their own,,,,,,

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