1. Had the same thing happen with my last 3 Tangerine Dream. They foxtailed and fluffy buds. May do the job but buds are like women the loose ones may be good for a fun ride but it's the tight ones you want to hold onto. Nice frost! 😁👍🌿

  2. @great lakes nuggetry vaccum seal your buds an ounce at a time. Vaccum all the air out then open the bag move the buds around vaccum it out again repeat. You will have buds like golf balls. They loose sum trichomes but if its dank weed it doesnt really matter. Wen you vaccum the air out it also pulls moisture from the center of the nugs. I would cure them and make sure the nugs are good and dry before you vaccum seal them up tight

  3. please give me your soil mix and numbers of how much imma usr agtow tent and its hard af to get a straight answer on a soil mix and if i need to add nutrients at a point and what nutrients

  4. That is the way that particular strain grows, you should know all strains are not going to grow rocks. Enjoy the fact that there is so much diversity in cannabis. Just about all the strains that are considered the best of best and not commercially sold are long flowering plants with medium dense buds with practically a hallucinogenic quality to it. Not the so much lung expanding type. So I have learned to love all of these plants each unique in its own way, keep growing and stay thirsty my friend

  5. if you don't harvest according to the color of your trichomes, you are proving the fact of your ignorance on the maturity of the plant! pistol (hairs) have no indication of maturity, it's the trichomes!

  6. Perfect mate 👍 don't be so hard on yourself your doing a good job. Yeah I agree with the dencer buds but I'd buy that mate a good smoke is a good smoke. I seriously think you should try dwc tho and as for seeds I have always bourght white widow x big bud and I'm telling you now it lives by its name especially in dwc. Fuck it I'm doing a scrog very soon lol you have changed my mind on the way to grow. It's just gunna be a bit fidgety changing the nutes but stuff it il get there 👍

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