1. I related to the part when you spoke about feeling too self conscious to even take a drink of water. I have been trying to figure out why it is that all social interactions drain me so badly. I require alot of alone time after any kind of social interaction to refill my tank so to speak. And I've been realizing that it's because I overthink even the smallest of gestures. Something as simple as going to the bank or going through a drive thru isnt simple for me. I dont know what to do with my eyes while the banker is looking up my account. I dont know if I should be watching the drive thru window to be ready to receive my food or if I should stare straight ahead until I hear the window open. They sound like small issues, but when I am over analyzing absolutely every aspect of a social interaction, it gets exhausting. I want to get evaluated by a professional bc I dont know if it is just social anxiety or if I might be on the spectrum as well.

    I say all this to say thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts, because you help others feel not so alone.

    Have you noticed a difference in the different strains of marijuana and how they help you? Sometimes it feels like sativas can exacerbate my overthinking, while indicas seem to help more.

  2. Hey Russell…I like that you are now on Youtube. I followed you here from Instagram. Marijuana helps a lot of people with Mental Health problems manage their symptoms so I am glad to hear that it works for you. Do not be ashamed of that and thank you for sharing this with us. Can't wait to see more of your content !!! Simone

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