1. I clicked to get a lil info that might help with my lil 90 plant drying/curing process. This was beyond me but his vibe and coolness I watched till the end and subbed. Much love brotha🤙🏽

  2. It’s so funny, watching these videos of Kevin talking then looking through the comments. A lot of people understand, follow, and appreciate what he is saying. But for some, it goes riggghhhtt over their head and it’s like they’re upset about it. Quite funny really.

  3. Old school recourse….. that’s the problem. When things go legal it means that the corporate assholes and young children walk over the business. There’s no respect in the game after that. The corporations buy the goons (aka police) to protect their shady dealings. It’s all legal cause you changed your company name and claimed bankruptcy.

  4. I thought he was gunnna have a really deep voice! span me out abit 😂😅🤣 was thinking I need to cut down but no I just need to smoke more 😂👊😋😎

  5. do you have a book man I would like to read the story I love hearing your videos man I wish I could sit down and smoke with you buddy you got a ton of knowledge

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