1. I'm getting confused by all these terms… 1) In this video, it's he saying the two different phenotypes are two different seeds/clones from the same mother plant? Same strain?
    2) Is that the general definition of phenotype as it relates to plants??😬

    Sorry, I can't do textbooks & we're getting there now 🤷‍♂️

  2. I love how he says that guy probably has mites to living in Colorado i learned the hard way i got russet mites from buying stuff at a hydro shops i know because when i got them i went to buy some neem oil and asked the guy about small bugs i only see with my microscope he says russet mites we all got them right now i didnt onow whether to punch him or run outta there before more bugs got on me

  3. dude i miss you i hope you and your family are okay i have to re watch your videos to remember what good looks like dont get much ppl to your standard
    hope to see you back soon at-least let us know your alive please

  4. thanks for the advanced tip on CO2.  My cylinder lives outside the tent but I will definetely be cleaning them up with some bleech before they come in the house in the future.  I have only been watching you for a short while and you may have already covered this but was wondering why you don't use CO2 during the first three weeks of flower and do you calculate VPD and/or refer to a VPD isometric chart to make asjustments to your garden's envornmental conditions throughout the plants different stages?  thanks in advance.  Great channel, glad I found you.

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