1. Thank U for posting this info. It help my baby very mush, please try it. It work! Don't put your baby to sleep without trying it. 💘

  2. Can you please tell me where to buy CBD oil for my dog? I adopted an 8yr old Pekingense from the humane society 2 weeks ago and has epilepsy. He's had 2 seizures and the vet I went to see prescribed valium to help manage his seizures but, I've noticed he's becoming depressed and crying at night. Thank you

  3. I love seeing videos like this, thank you for helping spread the word about CBD oil! For anybody interested in learning more about CBD feel free to contact me at kevinshroads@gmail.com. I work with a company that makes high quality CBD tinctures like the one in this video and I would love to help spread the word to anyone who is curious.

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