1. Hi Lucy! My 19 year old daughter just got diagnosed with JME. She had one big seizure- first time, 5 months ago, thats it. then I guess she had a staring siezure during an EEG a month ago, so they are calling that the 2nd one to give her this diagnosis. She is not on medication yet. we are still getting opinions. But The doctor told me for her not to use CBD oil when starting a new medication, so that makes sense. I can see waiting until medication is stable , then start the CBD oil. Then I was reading from other patients to be careful with the cbd, for it can suppress the medication? and cause on over dose? which sounds strange, I guess they mean overdose On the medication, not the CBD oil? Have you ever heard of that? Thank you for what you are doing. You are GREAT! also how old are you?

  2. It’s good to hear you are aware of the deficiencies medications cause. They didn’t inform me of this 19 yrs ago. Had to figure that out on my own over the span of several years….ridiculous. I️ also take peppermint flavored CBD oil 👍🏻. Its distributed by CV Sciences, INC. Got it at a natural food store.

  3. Hey! I am an epileptic! Have been for about a dexade! 2 days ago I just had my first tonic clonic in over 2 years.i just wanted you to know that sharing your expierience and watching your videos made me feel less alone, and more capable of coping and living with my JME. Thanks! Happy valentines day!

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