1. this isn’t me being all feminist but i find it weird and just insane that many male serial killers who get nick names are for the brutality of their crimes like “jack the ripper” (you get it) and female serial killers who has also, committed very gruesome crimes like Jane Trupan was a nurse who killed 31 patients including husbands, her OWN CHILDREN, and step sister. but her nickname: jolly jane. she even admitted enjoying watching the lives of her victims leaving their bodies. another example: the giggling granny. like whaaat? why is murder by male serial killers so much worse than a woman doing it? like murder is murder. stop with giving women cute nicknames who have literally committed heinous crimes JUST like a man. the motives and M.O. may be different, but it doesn’t make it ANY better at all.

  2. We never got follow up on what happened with the double homicide case he profiled. Though it was a bit unfair that he didn't get all the info or the ability to have his questions answered either.

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  4. hihi Clemente is a liar and a well -know fraudulent expert retired FBI consultant who's never been right about any of the cases, he covers because he doesn't do research and /or flat out lies for sensationalism ,how naiv are people believe this dumb

  5. Now that you've watched 16 minutes of this video, I'll ruin it for you by revealing that multiple scientific studies have demonstrated criminal profiling to be not much better than guesswork. You hear about the success stories because… well, they're success stories. But you don't hear about the failures, or that typically with serial offenders, it's their own stupidity and hubris that gets them in trouble, not brilliant profiling.

    But that doesn't mean criminal profiling is necessarily always wrong or doesn't provide insight. It's a fascinating field and perhaps deserves more study, especially with sophisticated algorithms and machine learning AI that can build detailed profiles of potential offenders. But I think it's worth pointing out that we over-glamorize the field, which is still lacks scientific rigor.

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