1. I have a monster sized royal kush three month vege two blackberry haze and two strawberry coughs in two months vege I’m flipping them tomorrow night I wanted to go big this round and boy did I lol anyway funny I came across your video on large cannabis plants and thanks for reminding me how thirsty they can get I’m use to autos so I’ll keep that in mind I’m in north Illinois is Illinois growers club a hydro store or something just wondering I like the videos and sent it to my other gromies STAY LIFTED

  2. cool intro sir cool tune… you know what works good for shock sir… is b1.. luinox i think it is or pretty close is the cheapest 22$ a gal or horamex it has rooting hormone the best but the most expensive you really dont need the rooting hormone…one week before you wana transplant if any at all mabey a day,,, helps the little hair breath….right on

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