1. I started listening to Dudegrows a little over a year ago because I knew in my heart that you could teach me about growing with microbiology. I listened to every show of 2020 on my way to Tim Hortons and then to work. Through your repetition I learned some of the building blocks and principles and the terms. So much so that when I hear other channels discuss sequestering nutrients my ears immediately open right up because I am ready to know more. I am sure that I am not the only one in the DGC who does not learn from you having the same discussion over and over, and can now thank-you for enabling us to now understand whenever we encounter microbes being discussed by growers. HUGE THANK-YOU to Scott, Guru and Dude.

  2. This was super informative. I'm a US Army vet with med card and started my first grow exactly 59 days ago. I popped in 2 more seeds since then and this video alone made me understand a lot more about these little girls. Thanks so much guys. Keep doing the damn thing. I'm loving it.

  3. Anyone used pink himalaya salt just a pinch for the minerals? I do for my house plants not cannabis and they flourish I live in UK say prohibition keeps me buyin off the rubbish black market

  4. MORE CALMAG! Man when he talked about lifting pots for weight I felt so attacked. lmao I spend my first 3 hours of every morning watering my plants and always with freshly mixed & ph'ed solution. Β―_(ツ)_/Β― Pumps, Hoses, Piping and all that just sounds like a headache to me. I'd rather roll around a 20 gallon brute can full of solution and just water by hand. Not with a wand that it's what I consider hand watering, a measured container based on weight of the pot is the way to go.. No water plants once every 2 days when lights turn on, that is literally how you don't get the dank connoisseur outcome.

  5. Chad's a grower through and through. Hes got the mentality. I still hand feed even though it takes me 3 hours a day. And I mix fresh nutrients every 2 days and every strain has its own feeding program for the 3 diffrent stages. But if you wanna bring out the strains genetic expressions at its best its the only way to go.

  6. That's right ScottyπŸ‘
    If you can't laugh at yourself, it makes you a hypocrite when laughing at others.
    I've been saying that for years & it's for all to use! WHAT'S UP DGC!!!!!!!

  7. Hello Scott, Dude and, Guru, thanks for the show, I am still struggling with my first grow and will admit even thru the strife I am experiencing I am loving it. A new hobby at 70yrs old is a beautiful thing.

  8. calcium is always a great talk. Iv noticed my plants need alot more calmag with led lights grown in coco/perlite 70/30 mix. my mother tent has an HLG100W 4000k and my flower tent uses a 600w MH and iv noticed my plants grown under my led need more calmag.

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