1. Why would tobacco industry want to stay on the good side of federal … they own federal. Big tobacco owns everything!! Forget trump, forget bill gates.. Phillip Morris = Marlboro = KRAFT …same company essentially, meaning they own everything in the entire world. kraft either directly owns, owns parts of any company, or own supply and the building blocks of any corporation or company on this earth. 

    I dont care if your making vacuum cleaner bags, you own the company, the factory that makes the bags… but you're still buying the pulp fibers from a kraft, and the plastic packaging etc … 
    That's how Marlboro aka kraft etc, dont really have a net worth, but a gross product exceeding that of all the countries on this planet combined. 

    I doubt cannabis would receive the lifting of prohibition unless Marlboro had an interest in it. Which they do. The son of Marlboro has factories abroad where they test strains and keep genetics of marijuana. They want to start selling marijuana cigarettes. Or medical and recreational legalization would not even be up for discussion.

    The reason it is taking so much time is not because of the federal government, they could care shit less of politicians they own all of them. But rather the opinion of the public and their face in the public eye is why legalization have to take it course, to give the general public a chance to adjust to the opinion.

  2. I've not heard of a brewer that didn't package it's own product itself. I think some tobacco companies do it the 3-tier way, but not all. Personally, I think it should be returned to its original status of production crop and if people want to grow their own in their homes/gardens like they do with tomatoes, then they should be left alone to do that. After all, it's not unlawful and so not a crime. They just made it illegal with a statute, which is a money-making scam, as they all are.

  3. I agree, it's definitely no mistake that I-502 doesn't allow personal grows. Unlike Colorado, whose residents will be able to grow 6 (I believe) plants in their home when the law takes effect. As far as alcohol and tobacco following the same 3-tier design for growing/producing/packaging/retail… I think so actually, for alcohol anyways, but only in control states. Which WA is no longer a control state. I-502 surely has it's downsides and quirks….

  4. Sounds like 1-502 is designed to get the home-grower out of the market. Do the tobacco or alcohol companies have to abide by the same grow/package/sell regime as the pot people? I think not. It should have been the same rules. If you grow/package/sell the product in-house then people know what they're getting. At each individual separation of production the product could be messed with, so you'll never know if what you're getting is what was originally made.
    Feds could set-up a toxic scam.

  5. 4-6 hours after you smoked is a fair amount time regardless… and I did a fair bit of research and it seemed as though different tests had different results… varrying from this ~4 hour threshold to 24-48 in some. Either way, there's no need to beg to differ, because I pretty much agree with everything you said 😉 So yeah, we'll see how it goes!

  6. I beg to differ med patients have a higher tolerance for 1 and for two I've herd about the 5 nanogram limit and looked into it quite a bit….. It says its not measuring by your active thc but a different way and even in heavy smokers it shows that they are under 5 nanograms within 4 – 6 hours…. So we'll see how it goes…. I don't think you should drive under the influence of anyone, but I think stoner drivers drive better than drunk drivers…

  7. 5 nanograms is detectable long after you smoked… you are not "imparied" on a level to where to you shouldn't be driving. Especially for us med patients that are effected differently and have a much higher tolerance. Yes, I knew that, and many others know that. It really is a debateable issue like I said in the video… and it's pretty much a fact, just IMO, that this is not a fair or sure way of knowing that one is too impaired to drive. But, being responsible and careful is the way to go.

  8. We are just being turned into tax dollar generators which is what they want . If they don't get it by sticking us in jail they will do it by taxing the hell out of us. Its sad they just cant get their thumb off of us. Non med state isnt looking so bad anymore lol 😛

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