1. I don’t really understand why this video and the Asian girl are being praised so much. I get that it’s Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart. Famous, well known hilarious people all together in one car. But I wonder if it was a different woman, would they have been making such degrading jokes? It didn’t seem respectful to the woman. And in the comments, she’s getting praised for going along with it? Smoking weed and cursing at people? Why are we encouraging bad behavior and for Asian women to just stay silent and take it? She was being treated like a dude, not a dignified human being/woman. She seemed like she’s acting all fine and cool but there was an unconscious questionable uncomfortableness that she didn’t seem to be aware of or scared to speak up. Conan is usually cleaner and more respectful than this.

  2. I was sitting on the living room with my family then my brain suddenly whisper "hey remember that Conan skit with kevin, ice cube and the student driver? That was funny". And here I am again, watching this video for the nth time

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