1. Hi April, I really want to try your method but for a cannabis tincture. I'm in a legal state with a med. License so I grabbed an 8th my favorite strain. I was wondering if you thought it would be worth trying to make a small batch? I have all size mason jars even down to the min jam ones and was thinking one of those would work?

    Even if you don't get a chance to respond I just want to thank you for everything you've taught me and how you've reminded me I'm capable of getting back on my path; building my relationship with the land ❤

  2. Thank you so much for this and all the video tutorials. I have a question about emulsification and using glycerin, since it’s a fatty alcohol and thus emulsifies the water/alcohol and oil soluble constituents. I’ve seen the use of adding some lecithin to help emulsify, whether soy or sunflower, powder or liquid. This information I gleaned from crockpot cooking tutorials. Would lecithin be useful here, in place of glycerin, or to emulsify the MCT oil if one wanted to replace the glycerin? Thank you!

  3. Thank you. But I messed- up. I had to pull a plant this morning because i didn't want it to freeze. So I cut the little buds and leaf and small branches and made a quart jar and made a tincture. Should i throw it out?

  4. Hi April. Can I use cannabis to make a thc tincture and and would it be made the same way? Would there be benifits to this tincture over a hemp tincture? My cannabis is ready to harvest now.

  5. I LOVE how you do this. I am of the belief that mother nature has so much more to offer than just …..
    instant "high" I use a 3 step process to extract every thing I can from this plant. It is so similar to our own Endocannabinoid system

  6. I absolutely love watching your videos, I have already made the lemon balm, I'm not sure if I can get the hemp here in Texas for personal use anyway. But I'm looking into it this will probably be my next project since I use cbd daily. As an added not I use to live in Coos Bay, Or. 🥰

  7. Hi April, thanks so much for your Great Videos I love learning from you! I Grew Hemp for the First time this year out of seeds you get in Supermarkts. Only one plant made it and it Seems to be a Male one. I took the hole plant to dry when the seeds were recognizable. Can I use the leaves and seeds still attachted to the plant to make the Tinkture? Is there cbm in it? Thanks so much and hello from Germany <3

  8. You are so very knowledgeable and I trust your methods. I read and watch a lot to learn about tinctures and herbal remedies. But then I look to you for confirmation. Thank you for taking the time to educate and share your information. You really take the fear out of doing this.

  9. Thank you. My son got into using cbd flowers recently so I can wait to tell him about this tincture!!! And this could be a life changer for my sister. Thank you!!💐

  10. I've been teaching my young friends with the same attitude. I am so grateful to find you. I am copying the link to this video right now for a friend of mine who suffers from anxiety and is so tired of people telling them it's the wrong strain of THC yada yada yada

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